Harvard Medical School - InfoSage Story

ElderCare Mobile Support & Research App
Help family and friends coordinate the tasks to care for a loved elder and helps families stay connected

Business Challenges

  • Client wanted to build from the ground up a new web based mobile application to assist patients and researchers coordinate activities.
  • Core requirements were an easy and convenient way for researchers and program participants and their family members to coordinate care.
  • Project had to be based on an existing web application that would also synchronize data across platforms.
  • Mobile App needed to have messaging task management and scheduling and time management and tracking of employees.

Vision & Approach

  • Fully Leverage the Existing Web Application and Systems to Lower Cost
  • Developing a Very User Friendly Mobile User Experience to Drive Utilization
  • Ensure that Internal Medical Staff Could Find, Input and Retrieve Data Easily
  • Create Intuitive Time and Task Management Capabilities
  • Robust Messaging Capabilities for Staff to Staff and Staff to Patients
  • Compliance with all Federal HIPA Requirements

Results Delivered

  • Supra successfully deployed the InfoSage Mobile Application on Schedule
  • Increased Employee Efficiency with Enhanced Communications and Mobile Data Access
  • Increased Patient and Family Satisfaction with InfoSage That Improved Patient Care Quality
Getting realtime updates were a critical requirement for this mobile app. These updates provided vital information for caretakers. Due to these performance and reliability constraints, the team decided to develop a native app (as opposed to a hybrid app). This allowed the app to utilize several native features of both iOS and Android devices such as Push Notifications, SMS, Camera, Calendar, Contact Sync, Emails, GPS & Maps. Initial static UI/IX design was completed using Adobe Photoshop & converted into the dynamic designs using Xcode design tools for iOS and Android Studio for Android apps. On the device, our application constantly interacts with our Backend Database using RESTFUL APIs. Third party APIs integrations are utilized to provide additional features in the app. The Backend utilizes Cloud Hosting services. Data Security & Privacy is achieved using bank-grade encryption technology, implementing strong user authentication flows, and modern session handling methods. All communications between app and backend cloud server is done over an HTTPS connection to maintain secured communication over the internet.
Technology Used
  • sms
  • camera
  • calendar
  • contact
  • emails
  • gps
  • api_maps
  • cloud-hosting
  • cloud_database